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Kittens and Cats Currently for Adoption

Siamese Cross Kittens

Hi! We are 6 Siamese cross, short-haired 8 week old kittens. We are all very sweet and playful and have a lot of love to give. We have been raised by humans since we were 4 weeks old and are very affectionate and well adapted to family life. We get along well with children and other furry family members. Come in today if you think that you can give us the forever home we are looking for.

Twix – Black male (m/chip: 900079000731132)
Snickers – Black male (m/chip: 900079000731150)
Chokito – Black male (m/chip: 900079000731145)
Cadbury – Charcoal male (m/chip: 900079000731146)
Milky Bar – Seal Point female (m/chip: 900079000731147)
Truffle – Seal Point female (m/chip: 900079000731137)

Black Siamese
Charcoal Siamese
Seal Point Siamese

Piper, Isabelle and Alex

Hi! We are a litter of three beautiful 10-week old short haired kittens. When we were found we had not been cared for very well and we were covered in nasty fleas that were so itchy we were scratching out our fur. But with some love and care and good parasite control we got all better and look amazing. We could go in pairs or individually, and would do well in any household with good possibility to get along with other pets and young children. Pictures to come soon.

Piper – Black female (m/chip: 900079000731053)
Isabelle – Black and white female (m/chip: 900079000731066)
Alex – Tabby and white male (m/chip: 900079000731055)

Also, check out below some of our cats that have now gone to their forever homes

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