Diagnostic Services

Pets cannot tell us what the problem is when they are not well. We therefore use a wide range of in-house diagnostic equipment and tests to assist us in finding out what the problem is.

  • In-house laboratory. Performs a wide range of blood tests and provides results within minutes. This is particularly useful for pre-anaesthetic blood tests and to assess vital parameters during emergencies. (Photo: Our in-house laboratory, a state of the art IDEXX Chemistry & Haematology Analyser).
  • Blood clotting times. Another in-house laboratory service, the VETSCAN VSpro analyser, uses a small amount of blood to measure blood clotting times. This is used to confirm poisoning with rat bait and is also useful in the confirmation of snake bite envenomation.
  • Digital X-ray. Images can be assessed in-house or transferred electronically to specialists.
  • Ultrasonography. Examination of internal organs and spaces as well as confirmation of pregnancy in dogs and cats.
  • Video endoscope.
  • Urinalysis. Analysis of a urine sample is useful for screening for a range of diseases including diabetes and kidney and bladder disease.
  • Faecal worm egg counts. These are used to assess the efficacy of intestinal worm control products and programs.
  • Microscopy. Microscopic examination of blood smears, skin scrapings, ear wax and fine needle aspirates from lumps and bumps is useful for the confirmation of conditions ranging from certain types of cancer and blood parasites to the presence of ear mites.
  • Progesterone level monitoring. Monitoring of progesterone levels is very important in canine reproductive work. Our Biomérieux VIDAS® System is a multiparametric immunoassay instrument which provides reliable, reference laboratory standard results in less than 1 hour.