Pet Shop Bathurst 

Premium Pet Products

These products are available over the counter without a prescription

Advance Premium Dog and Cat Food

We stock the Advance range of premium dog and cat foods because some of them are manufactured here in Bathurst, supporting local jobs and opportunities.

Advance Loyalty Program: Buy 10 bags and get the 11th bag free – almost 10% discount. Please contact our reception staff for more details. More product information

Intestinal Wormers – Dog & Cat

Drontal. Fenpral. Milbemax.

Intestinal Wormers – Horse


Flea, Tick & Heartworm Control

Bravecto. Simparica.

(Proheart SR-12 for 12 monthly heartworm protection is a prescription product)

Bird Parasite Control and Health Care

Avitrol Spray. Vitamins & minerals. Worm-out Paste

Joint Health

Joint Guard. Pernaease.

(Synovan injection, Pentosan Injection are prescription products)

Ear Cleaners

Oticlean. Epi-Otic Ear & Skin Cleanser.

Milk Replacement

Wombaroo food products.

Electrolytes, Minerals, Vitamins

Vytrate. Ketol. Minbal 4-in-1 for Milk Fever. Magnesium Injection

Skin & Coat

Malaseb Shampoo.

Nutritional Supplements & Laxatives


Wound Care

Extinosad Aerosol for Wounds. Cetrigen Wound Spray. Cohesive tape. Elastopast.


Collars. Leads. Harnesses.

Nail clippers. Grooming brushes.

Small Mammal Foods

Timothy hay.


Needles. Syringes. Examination gloves. Arm-length gloves. Teats.